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LotShort DescriptionFind TypeSquare(s)Excavated on (m-d-yr)AssemblageOptions
PZ_15.9000Flat tileview
PZ_15.9001Antefix of female lion head (Artemis Bendis)Terracotta view
PZ_15.9002SlabArchitectural view
PZ_15.9003Coppo laconicoArchitectural O'-8 N'-8view
PZ_15.9004Molded corniceArchitectural view
PZ_15.9005Cornice a dentileArchitectural view
PZ_15.9006CorniceStone view
PZ_15.9007Cover tile. Inv. 128708. view
PZ_15.9008Pan tile. Inv. 128708. Kiln, L.2 S.5Tile factoryview
PZ_15.9009antefix fragmentunknownview
PZ_15.9010Revetment plaqueview
PZ_15.9011PZ RT 143 Column drumSanctuary. view
PZ_15.9012PZ RT 144 Column drumSanctuary. view
PZ_15.9013PZ RT 145 Column drumSanctuary. view
PZ_15.9014PZ RT 146 Column drumSanctuary N’-5. view
PZ_15.9015PZ RT 147 Column drumSanctuary, Square L’-3. view
PZ_15.9016PZ RT 149 Column drum unknownview
PZ_15.9017PZ RT 150 Column drum Tile factory.view
PZ_74.0001Mixed PotteryB12view
PZ_74.0002Pottery LotPottery R' -27-11-1974view
PZ_74.0003Foot of vesselPottery R' -27-11-1974view
PZ_74.0004UnguentariumPottery K 27-19-1974view
PZ_74.0006Red Figure sherdsPottery A 46-27-1974view
PZ_74.0007Pottery LotPottery A 46-27-1974view
PZ_74.0008Animal bonesFaunal O' 3, P' 36-16-1974view
PZ_74.0009Metal fragmentMetal A 46-27-1974view
PZ_74.0010Flint chipStone A 46-27-1974view
PZ_74.0011Pottery LotPottery A 16-27-1974view
PZ_74.0012UnguentariumPottery O' 3, P' 37-9-1974view
PZ_74.0013Miniature kraterPottery O' 3, P' 37-13-1974view
PZ_74.0014Miniature kraterPottery O' 3, P' 37-13-1974view
PZ_74.0015Miniature phialePottery O' 3, P' 37-13-1974view
PZ_74.0016UnguentariumPottery O' 3, P' 37-15-1974view
PZ_74.0017Aryballos neck?Pottery O' 3, P' 37-15-1974view
PZ_74.0018Metal fragmentMetal B 127-8-1974view
PZ_74.0019Glass fragmentGlass B 127-10-1974view
PZ_74.0020Bucchero sherdPottery B 117-8-1974view
PZ_74.0021Fine ware, glassPottery B 137-9-1974view
PZ_74.0022Storage vesselPottery B 137-9-1974view
PZ_74.0023Pottery LotPottery B 11- C 117-8-1974view
PZ_74.0024Pottery LotPottery B 127-2-1974view
PZ_74.0025Pottery LotPottery B 127-8-1974view
PZ_74.0026Pottery LotPottery K 27-19-1974view
PZ_74.0027LekythosPottery K 27-19-1974view
PZ_74.0028Animal bonesFaunal K 27-19-1974view
PZ_74.0029AmphoraPottery K 27-19-1974view
PZ_74.0030Pilgrim's flaskPottery K 27-19-1974view
PZ_74.0031Animal bonesFaunal R' -27-11-1974view
PZ_74.0032Animal bonesFaunal n\a7-19-1974view
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