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AssemblageShort DescriptionContext PhaseDate RangeLotOptions
PZ_74.00001974 out of contextview
PZ_74.00031974 R' -2 Canal S Bank 07/11/74Late Archaic (selected fine ware)view
PZ_74.00081974 O' 3 P' 3 Second Trial Trench Over Tile Fall Level 2Undatedview
PZ_74.00121974 O' 3 P' 3 Under Tile FallUndatedview
PZ_74.00131974 O' 3 P' 3 Canal N Bank, Under TilesLate Archaic/early Classicalview
PZ_74.00161974 O' 3 P' 3 Canal N Bankview
PZ_74.00311974 R' -2 Canal S Bankview
PZ_74.00391974 P' -4 Canal Bridgeview
PZ_74.00551974 O' 3 P' 3 Canal N Bank, Under Tilesview
PZ_74.00661974 R' -2 Canal S BankClassical/Hellenisticview
PZ_74.00681974 P' -2view
PZ_74.00691974 P' 2 P' 3 P' 4525/500-300 BCview
PZ_74.00701974 O' 3 P' 3view
PZ_74.00961974 R' -2 Canal S Bank 07/02/74 74.00962 Early to mid-5th C. BC, ca. 480-440 BCview
PZ_74.01031974 R' -2 Canal S Bank 74.01032 480-440/400 BCview
PZ_74.01391974 Unstratifiedview
PZ_75.00001975 out of contextview
PZ_75.00301975 Sounding 4 R' -2 Canal S Bank, Layer of Grey Clay2 480/460-440 BCview
PZ_75.00521975 Sounding 5 O' -2 Canal N Bankview
PZ_75.01021975 O' 8view
PZ_75.01061975 Sounding 4 R' -2 Canal S Bankview
PZ_75.01301975 Sounding 4 R' -2 Level 16 Second half of the 4th C. BC, ca. 340-300 BC to late-Republican to early Imperial Romanview
PZ_75.01321975 Sounding 4 R' -2 Level 0, Stone Wall2 Second half of the 5th C. BC, ca. 440-400 BCview
PZ_75.01361975 Sounding 1view
PZ_75.01461975 Sounding 4 R' -2 S Wallview
PZ_75.01531975 Sounding 4 R' -2 Layer of Grey Clayview
PZ_75.01571975 Sounding 5 S Extension P' -2 P' -3 Batt. 23 Early Hellenistic, ca. 325-250/200 BCview
PZ_75.01591975 Sounding 4 R' -22 Mid-5th to third quarter of the 4th C. BC, 460-325 BCview
PZ_75.01711975 Sounding 4 Q' -3400-300/275 BCview
PZ_75.01721975 Sounding 4 Q' -3 Lower Level Brecciaview
PZ_75.01771975 Sounding 4 Q' -3 Resting on Lower Level Brecciaview
PZ_75.01781975 Sounding 4 Q' -2 Pavement by Squared Stoneview
PZ_75.01791975 Sounding 4 Q' -3 Archaic Wall Lower Breccia2 575/550-500/480 BCview
PZ_75.01801975 Sounding 4 Q' -3 Above Lower Brecciaview
PZ_75.0186N' 4, N' 5 O' 4, O' 5 Canal North bank under tiles over brecciaview
PZ_75.01881975 Sounding 4 Q' -4 Stone Wallview
PZ_75.01921975 Sounding 4 Q' -2 E Brecciaview
PZ_75.01931975 Sounding 2 After Breccia Stopsview
PZ_75.01961975 Sounding 2 Above Lower Brecciaview
PZ_75.02141975 Sounding 4 Q' -2 Stone WallFirst half of the 5th C. BC, ca. 500/480-450/440BCview
PZ_75.02171975 N' 7 O' 7 Sounding 1view
PZ_75.02271975 Sounding 4 Q' -2 Under Level of Breccia1 575/550-500/480 BCview
PZ_75.02441975 Sounding 4 Q' -2 Batt. 1 Sounding W of Wallview
PZ_75.02601975 Sounding 4 Q' -2 Batt. 3view
PZ_75.02611975 Sounding 4 Q' -2 Level 3 Batt. 3view
PZ_75.02621975 Sounding 4 Q' -2 Batt. 2 Sounding W of Brick Wall300-150 BCview
PZ_75.02631975 Sounding 4 Q' -2 Inside Squared Stone Wall5 Early Classical to late Republican period, ca. 480/440-post 150 BCview
PZ_75.02671975 Sounding 4 Q' -2 R' -2 Squared Stone Wall Pit6 Late Archaic to 4th/3rd C. BC to early Romanview
PZ_75.02691975 Sounding 4 Q' -2 Below Breccia Level1 550-500/480 BCview
PZ_75.02731975 Sounding 4 Q' -2view
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