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LotShort DescriptionFind TypeSquare(s)Excavated on (m-d-yr)AssemblageOptions
PZ_78.0001Soil sampleEnvironmental L' 1, L' -16-12-1978view
PZ_78.0002Figurine fragmentsTerracotta M' -56-12-1978view
PZ_78.0003Pottery LotPottery n\a6-5-1978view
PZ_78.0004Pottery LotPottery L' 1, L' -16-10-1978view
PZ_78.0005Base sherdPottery L' 1, L' -16-5-1978view
PZ_78.0006Pottery LotPottery L' 1, L' -16-12-1978view
PZ_78.0007Animal boneFaunal L' 1, L' -16-12-1978view
PZ_78.0008Pottery LotPottery L' 1, L' -16-13-1978view
PZ_78.0009Animal boneFaunal L' 1, L' -16-13-1978view
PZ_78.0010Pottery LotPottery L' 1, L' -16-14-1978view
PZ_78.0011Animal bonesFaunal L' 1, L' -16-14-1978view
PZ_78.0012ConglomerateStone L' 1, L' -16-14-1978view
PZ_78.0013SherdPottery L' 1, L' -16-14-1978view
PZ_78.0014SlagMetal L' 1, L' -16-14-1978view
PZ_78.0015Red Figure sherdPottery L' 1, L' -16-14-1978view
PZ_78.0016Rim sherdPottery L' 1, L' -16-14-1978view
PZ_78.0017Animal bonesFaunal L' 1, L' -16-14-1978view
PZ_78.0018SherdPottery L' -16-14-1978view
PZ_78.0019Animal bonesFaunal L' -16-14-1978view
PZ_78.0020Pottery LotPottery L' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0021Loom weightLoom Weight L' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0022Animal bonesFaunal L' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0023Pottery LotPottery L' 16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0024Pottery LotPottery L' 16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0025Rim sherdPottery L' 16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0026Animal bonesFaunal L' 16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0027Sample of gravel pavementEnvironmental L' 16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0028Loom weightLoom Weight L' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0029SherdsPottery L' -1, M' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0030Pottery LotPottery L' -1, M' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0031Pottery LotPottery M' 16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0032Pottery LotPottery M' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0033HandlePottery M' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0034Rim sherdPottery M' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0035Pottery LotPottery M' 16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0036Rim sherdPottery M' 16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0037SherdsPottery M' 16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0038Loom weightsLoom Weight M' 16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0039Animal bonesFaunal M' 16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0040Pottery LotPottery M' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0041Figurine fragmentTerracotta M' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0042Figurine fragmentTerracotta M' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0043SlagMetal M' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0044Animal bonesFaunal M' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0045Pottery LotPottery M' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0046Bowl fragmentPottery M' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0047SherdsPottery M' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0048Funnel fragmentTerracotta M' -16-15-1978view
PZ_78.0049Pottery LotPottery M' 16-16-1978view
PZ_78.0050Animal bonesFaunal M' 16-16-1978view
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