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LotShort DescriptionFind TypeSquare(s)Excavated on (m-d-yr)AssemblageOptions
PZ_15.9006CorniceStone view
PZ_74.0010Flint chipStone A 46-27-1974view
PZ_74.0034Worked stoneStone A 16-23-1974view
PZ_74.0037Worked ObsidianStone A 16-27-1974view
PZ_74.0065Worked stone pointStone B 47-17-1974view
PZ_74.0135Worked stoneStone B 127-1-1974view
PZ_75.0058Marble fragmentStone A' 11 S6-9-1975view
PZ_75.0103Doric capitalStone A' 12 N6-4-1975view
PZ_75.0107Flint toolStone A' 11 N6-4-1975view
PZ_75.0266FlintStone D' 14 W6-16-1975view
PZ_75.0530Marble fragmentStone A' 96-26-1975view
PZ_75.0573Worked stoneStone C' 86-29-1975view
PZ_75.0579Worked stoneStone C' 86-30-1975view
PZ_75.0583Worked obsidianStone H' , I' -3,-4,-56-30-1975view
PZ_75.0675Worked stoneStone C' 5, C' 67-4-1975view
PZ_75.0747Worked marbleStone A' 11 - A' 107-8-1975view
PZ_75.0871Marble fragmentStone C' 67-17-1975view
PZ_76.0183Burned rockStone E' 146-16-1976view
PZ_76.9000marble acrolithic statue fragment Stone view
PZ_76.9001Anta Capital/Tetragonos LithosStone O' -36-4-1976view
PZ_77.0837Rod-like objectStone K' -3, L' -36-27-1977view
PZ_77.0872Rod-like objectStone K' -3, L' -36-28-1977view
PZ_78.0012ConglomerateStone L' 1, L' -16-14-1978view
PZ_78.0067ConglomerateStone M' -16-16-1978view
PZ_78.0100Quartz crystalStone M' 16-19-1978view
PZ_78.0108Sandy rockStone M' -16-19-1978view
PZ_78.0385Seashell conglomerateStone N' -77-5-1978view
PZ_78.0540Mud-brick fragmentStone M' -57-13-1978view
PZ_78.0548ConglomerateStone M' -6, M' -7, M' -87-14-1978view
PZ_78.0611StoneStone N' -8, N' -97-18-1978view
PZ_80.0162StoneStone J' -1 E7-23-1980view
PZ_80.0166StoneStone J' -1 E7-23-1980view
PZ_81.0003ChertStone K' -1 S6-1-1981view
PZ_81.0070Plate fragmentJ' -16-2-1981view
PZ_81.0132Basalt fragmentStone J' -16-4-1981view
PZ_81.0151Basalt fragmentStone K' -16-4-1981view
PZ_81.0170Basalt, conglomerate fragmentsStone K' -16-5-1981view
PZ_81.0198Milling stone fragmentStone N' -56-9-1981view
PZ_81.0215Basalt fragmentStone N' -7, N' -8, N' -96-10-1981view
PZ_81.0219Basalt chipsStone J' -1, K' -16-10-1981view
PZ_81.0229Architectural fragmentStone K' -16-5-1981view
PZ_81.0282Column capital fragment and bone. J' -16-19-1981view
PZ_81.0653Chert fragmentStone I' 1 to I' 36-17-1981view
PZ_81.0665Chert fragmentStone I' 1 to I' 36-18-1981view
PZ_81.0699Bone handleStone I' 1 to I' 36-22-1981view
PZ_81.0951Chert fragmentStone M' -66-30-1981view
PZ_81.1056Spout fragmentStone M' -56-4-1981view
PZ_82.0370Mud brickStone O' -57-8-1982view
PZ_82.0456Mud brickStone O' -47-16-1982view
PZ_82.0511Lump of graniteStone N' -5, N' -47-21-1982view
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