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Metaponto Field Survey ARK

This database contains primary data from the archaeological field survey in the chora of Metaponto, Italy. Fieldwork was carried out from 1979 to 2008 by the Institute of Classical Archaeology (University of Texas at Austin) under the direction of Joseph Coleman Carter.

Findings and interpretation of the western half of the survey transect, ranging from the Bradano River to the Basento River, have been published in four volumes: Carter, J. C., and A. Prieto. 2011. The Chora of Metaponto 3: Archaeological Field Survey—Bradano to Basento. 4 vols. Austin: University of Texas Press.

For information about ongoing survey and research efforts in the Basento-Cavone half of the survey transect, contact Professor Spencer Pope (spope@mcmaster.ca) of McMaster University or Professor Sveva Savelli (ss333@queensu.ca) of Queen’s University.

Digital datasets at the Metaponto Survey Dataverse (hosted by the Texas Data Repository and University of Texas Libraries) archive the tabular, documentary, graphical, and geospatial data collected from primary fieldwork and scholarship, along with fossilized snapshots of this Metaponto Field Survey ARK. Datasets may be accessed with permission.

The Institute of Classical Archaeology’s collection at Texas ScholarWorks (hosted by University of Texas Libraries) archives Institute-sponsored and -sanctioned scholarship on the Metaponto Survey, including annual reports and previously unpublished reports cited in numerous bibliographies. Some assets may require permission.